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The Worship Pastor is responsible for the overall spiritual direction of worship ministries. The Worship Pastor oversees and directs all worship service and music ministries. The Worship Pastor is a part-time position on the pastoral team. 


The Worship Pastor position is available to individuals who exhibit a strong theological foundation, align with the Biblical standards for church leadership as detailed in 1 Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:6-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-4, and importantly, possess a teachable spirit. Preference will be given to candidates with a degree from a Bible College, but paramount is a demonstrated, heartfelt dedication to serving and worshipping the Lord. The role requires formal music training, including proficiency in reading music, alongside a fundamental understanding of church audio and technical needs. Essential to this role is also the experience in leading a worship team and orchestrating worship services. 



Sunday Morning Worship Service 

  • Oversee corporate musical worship for Big Woods services, serving with worship team members. 

  • Work with staff to set the worship service schedule and select 5+ songs that support the sermon. 

  • Plan all services and special service music when leading, or oversee and approve planning of service music, when not available or scheduled to lead. 

  • Schedule and/or oversee scheduling all musical and technical personnel for all services of BWBC (Sun AM, Wed PM) 

  • Oversee, mentor, and encourage other worship team members, worship leaders, technical team members through weekly practice sessions. 

  • Create and/or oversee creation of all media programs (song lyrics, announcements, power point, videos, etc.) to be used in all services of BWBC (Sun AM, Wed PM) 

  • Ensure the A/V team is fully staffed, equipment is working properly, and presentation software (Proclaim) coordinates with the service order items. 

  • Oversee, train, mentor, and encourage other worship team members, worship leaders, technical team members through weekly practice sessions. 


Song Selection 

  • Songs should be fully true to scripture (John 17:17) 

  • Song should include a variety of styles that speak to membership of the church (Ephesians 5:19) 

  • Songs should be of an accessible style and key that promotes the active participation of the congregation (Ephesians 5:19) 

  • The set of songs should emphasize the Gospel (Hebrews 12:2) 

  • New songs should be regularly introduced (Psalm 98:1) 



  • Recruit new worship leaders and/or team members, as needed ensuring that they are a member of the church or are moving towards membership. 

  • Oversee the worship team in a way that develops their giftedness and encourages them in their spiritual development as it relates to worship. 

  • Cultivate a culture among the team that is loving towards one another and motivated by the love of God and not pride or showmanship. 

  • Work with A/V team ministry leader to ensure proper utilization of A/V team members and equipment, communicate the A/V needs of the worship team, and prioritize and acquire needed equipment. 

  • Work cooperatively with the brass band director and other special event worship teams for special events and as requested involving both teams ensuring doctrinal and musical quality of the selected songs. 


Other Responsibilities 

  • Plan songs and teams for special services including Christmas Eve, Worship Night, etc. 

  • Organize Workday projects including A/V installation, stage set up, and back stage organization. 

  • Help with other general pastoral duties including discipleship, shepherding of the church body, planning special events, etc. 

  • Attend Elders’ meetings and periodic meetings with Senior Pastor and Administrative Assistant. 



  • The Worship Pastor will serve as an Elder of Big Woods Bible Church. 

  • As a member of Big Woods Bible Church, the Worship Pastor (and his family) is expected to participate in faithful fellowship of the church family. 

  • If married, the Worship Pastor’s spouse should be supportive of the Worship Ministry. 

  • The Worship Pastor is expected to guard himself in his conduct with others, keeping himself above reproach, not giving any opportunity for unhealthy relationships to develop. 

  • Establish and maintain a personal accountability relationship with any man or men within the Big Woods church body. 

  • The Worship Pastor is expected to continue his personal growth and walk with the Lord in regular Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. He should be careful to attend to his family’s needs, keeping a good balance. 



It is vital for the Worship Pastor to stay in contact with and work alongside the Senior Pastor, Elders, and Administrative Assistant. 


The Worship Pastor will be accountable to the Senior Pastor and Elders. 

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